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October 2015

A bit of a mix this month exploring some of the new French wines from Lidl and looking at organic wines from Vintageroots.co.uk.

There has been a bit of a move over the last few years for consumers looking for wines which are free from chemicals and knowing that the vineyard and methods of vinification have seen little or no chemical intervention. I was surprised by how different these organic wines taste compared to wines made in the traditional way; however in the final analysis they failed to impress.

My wine selections for this month can be found on our reviews page.

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AlexHi, my name is Alex Hamilton and I appreciate that there are a great number of sites dedicated to wine on the Internet and you are probably wondering why I added to this?

I found that there are many sites out there that are too detailed and at times can be intimidating with their vast array of wines, technical jargon and usually hefty prices!

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